What is SEO? (Arkansas Internet)

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What is SEO?

It’s less complicated than it sounds.

(Arkansas Internet) is the keyword for this article; You see Google display’s items that it thinks are authoritative and relevant to the words you type in the search bar. The page it displays as a result of your search is called a SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Fancy huh; and the goal of any business owner is to get on the very first SERP for whatever keyword or phrase like; (Arkansas Internet), that we have chosen to target. The process of accomplishing this is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and every business that has a website, or wants to build one, needs to have a plan for their SEO. This is referred to as an SEO Campaign. Google measures relevance by reviewing page content and it measures authority by analyzing the quality of the pages that are linked to yours. Bradleyandrewa Marketing Solutions understands how to structure your websites content in a way that Google will find very relevant to the keywords we select in the Keyword Research Process; such as (Arkansas Internet). You have two options when it comes to authority; you can establish links back to your site by going on other Blogs, Websites, and Forums, leaving comments with a link back to your site, or you can allow Bradleyandrewa Marketing Solutions to establish quality backlinks to your site. We have a multitier plan to give your site the authority to get ranked as high as possible on the SERP’s.

Why is SEO important to the Local Business owner on the Arkansas Internet?

The attention span of the average adult not to mention today’s youth has diminished drastically in the last ten years. Blame it on the popularity of the internet or on smartphones or on video games; blame it on whatever you want but today’s customer or client doesn’t have time to sort through page after page of web content to find the products and services they are looking for. If your information is not in front of, or available to the people looking for it, on the first page or preferably within the first four or five results, then you are losing clients and customers to the ones that are.

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