White Board Animation

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White Board Animations

Power Point is yesterday’s news, today people want to something that moves a little smoother and white board video animation makes it so much easier to keep an audiences attention. All of our whiteboard animations are custom made. You can either send us the script for the animation or we can write one for you. We also provide voiceovers; either male or female, for your animations. (See our White board animation above for example.)

  • Basic Whiteboard Package: Prices start at Just $45 for a video animation with 5 images and less than 2 minutes long. (animations are from extensive library)
  • Script Writing: We will write your script starting @ $65 for 300 words or less
  • Voice Over: We will provide you with custom voiceover for your script starting @ $35 for less than 2 minutes
  • Add Music: We will add music to the background of your voiceover starting @ $15 for less than 2 minutes
  • Complete White Board Package including all of the above starting @ $139 for less than 2 minute video, less than 300 words


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