Complete Website Development and Hosting

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Website Development and Hosting

  • Completely custom web design unique to your business
  • 5 Page site designed to keep Customers and clients on your site for Maximum Brand Exposure
  • Suggested Pages
    • About Us to tell Customers and Clients how your Company came to be
    • Products/Services a chance to explain what your business is offering
    • Contact Us contact form- Get leads/feedback from website in your email
    • Posts these pages will provide viewers with articles of information related to your Company


  • Social Networking ;viewers can interact with you on Social Media
  • Picture Carousel; up to 5 slides (pictures or images)
  • You will have the opportunity to Make Any Changes prior to final payment
  • First step is working with us to select and purchase your domain (Cost covered in Package) then we host your site for the entirety of your contract
  • You own the Website and all artwork used in the development of the site
  • Hosting includes up to 20 email accounts for you and your employees assigned to your domain name (i.e.
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask site submission
    • Uses the Google recommended XML Sitemap protocol
    • Also boosts listings in Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and others
    • Verifies up to 1,000 pages submitted
  • Google Analytics will be installed on your site so you can track where your traffic is coming from
  • Your very Own QR Code to use on advertising
  • Logo Design is available for ($95 One Time Fee)
  • Additional Pages/Posts available for ($100 per page)
  • Personal representative available at no additional charge by appointment only
  • Website Development and Hosting Package Available for (Only!!! $399 Onetime Setup Fee) and ($29 Per Month) for Web Hosting and Personal Representative to Make changes on a month to month basis)($199 due when contract is signed, remainder due after you sign off on site)All other packages, entirety is due upon request of package)
  • Add a Mobile Redirected Site to the Web Development and Hosting Package for an (Extra $249 Onetime Setup Fee) and ($20 Per Month). (i.e. , this is our mobile site which you are automaticly sent to if you come to our site from a mobile device).This is a completely seperate site that has been designed for call to Action.
  • If you have your hosting with someone else you can add a mobile Redirected Site for ($299 Onetime Setup Fee) and ($29 per month Hosting and Support)
  • Monthly Fee covers up to 2 changes a month to load New Posts or Pictures or edit existing content (Does not include any formatting or changes of Website Code, this is billed per hour $45)
  • If you need us to Write The Copy for your website its ($75 Per Page)


SEO Packages ( All SEO packages come with a Full Report detailing the implementation of your SEO Campaign)

  • Keyword Research; we will take your from brainstorming, to a detail oriented list of target keywords
    • We will provide a comprehensive list of at least 20 keywords and at least 10 LSI keywords
    • Finally we will analyze the competition from the above list and provide you with 5 keywords(Greater than 5000 local searches a month) and 5 LSI keywords ( Between 1500 and 5000 local searches a month) all will be low competition keywords
    • Keyword Research Package is ($99 One Time Fee)

SEO for Content(This package requires; Keyword Research Package)

  • SEO Relevance (This is refered to in the seo section of this site  as Content Optimization) (This package requires the Keyword Research package)
    • Meta Description Optimization; this simply means we put the descriptions of all of your webpages in a format Google Likes. This is the description you see under the name of the site on a Google search results page
    • Page Title & Header Tag Optimization; all of your pages will have titles optimized for the keywords we selected; these are not always the same as what you see on the page
    • Keyword Density; this is the number of times your keyword shows up on the page in relationship to the total number of words are on the pages
    • All images used on the website will be tagged for our keywords
    • Headings will match keywords; Google gives your site content more authority if your keyword or phrase is used in the headings
    • SEO Relevance Package is ($99 For The First 5 Pages) and ($25 for each additional page)
    • Rewrite Content for Keyword Density ($25 Per Page)

SEO  for Authority(This package requires; Keyword Research Package and is available in an Annual Contract or as a One Time Fee)

  • High Competition Package; this package is for companies that are in a Very competitive industry that is Very dependent on traffic to their website for sales.
    • Need to Be the First Business Found when customers are looking for your products and services; Then this is the package for you.
    • We will Establish a monthly drip feed of 70-80 high quality backlinks to your site to push you up the rankings and help accomplish the end goal of ranking on the first page for each of our keywords
    • High Competition package is ($69 per month for one keyword and 5 LSI keywords)


Boost Package; this package is for a one time boost of your SEO at different intensity levels and is for 1 target keyword and 2 LSI keywords.

  • Boost Packages; we will provide you with a report on backlinks we created on your behalf
  • Tier 1 package($50 One Time Fee) Recommended for New Sites
  • Tier 2 package($75 One Time Fee) Anyone needing a boost in the SERPS( Search Engine Results page)
  • Tier 3 package ($99 Best Value it combines both of the above packages)

Google Plus Local Page:

  • We will claim your page for you as well as fill out all the content and resize pictures to fit ( It is very important to have the right Keywords when filling out your Google+ Local Page and we strongly suggest the Keyword Research Package and Logo Design Package to go with the G+Local package.
  • Stand Alone Google Plus Local Package ($99 One Time Fee)
  • Combine Google+ Local package, Keyword Research, Logo design (Receive %10 discount)
  • Google Adwords (20% of your budget) we charge a percentage of your budget to manage your google adwords or adSense accounts.

Social Media:

Facebook for Business:

Create or add a Facebook Business Page to your Profile:

  • We will add Like buttons as well as Follow buttons for the business page and install links to both on your site.
  • We will make sure your keywords are in the description and all pictures are the correct size
  • It will be up to you to get followers and likes by providing relevant content
  • Facebook Business Page Package ($99 One Time Fee)

Create and Manage Facebook Business Pages:

  • Detailed Report Laying out your Facebook Marketing Strategy
  • We will Create a Facebook Landing page as well as squeeze pages for Marketing campaign to get more Likes and Followers
  • Post up to two times a week on your behalf
  • Manage facebook ad campaigns and Track results
  • Monthly report on progress; comparing marketing strategy to actual results
  • Facebook Management Package ($149 One Time Fee and $69 Per Month)


Starter Package:

  • Website Development and Hosting Package (5 page site, additional pages $100 per page)
  • Keyword Research Package
  • SEO Relevance Package
  • Logo design ($95 Value)
  • Tier 2 Boost package
  • Google Plus Local Package
  • Traffic Package
  • A Value of ($965 One Time Fee and $29 Per Month)
  • YOU GET ALL THIS FOR ($750 $499 One Time Fee and $29 a month) This Month Only!!!
  • Add a Mobile Redirected site for ($249 $200 One time Setup Fee) and ($20 Per Month) for hosting and support.Price Only valid in Jan-May 2014.
  • Already have a site but want to make it a Mobile Redirected site for ($249 Onetime Setup Fee) and ($20 Per Month) for hosting and support


Ultimate Page:

  • Website Development and Hosting Package (5 page site, additional pages $100 per page)
  • Keyword Research Package
  • Logo design
  • Tier 3 Boost package
  • High Competition package
  • SEO Relevance Package
  • Google Plus Local Package
  • Manage Google Adwords
  • Facebook Management Package
  • A value of ($1039 One Time Fee and $167 Per Month)
  • You Get all of This For ($800 One Time Fee and $150 per month)
  • Add a Mobile Redirected site to Your Package for ($249 200 Onetime Setup Fee) and ($20 Per Month) for hosting and support
  • Already have a site but want to make it a Mobile Redirected site for ($249 Onetime Setup Fee) and ($20 Per Month) for hosting and support


To Order Packages please Contact Us!!! to arrange appointment with a representative.


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