SEO Relevance Package



Product Description

SEO Relevance (This is refered to in the seo section of this site as Content Optimization) (This package requires the Keyword Research package)

  • Meta Description Optimization; this simply means we put the descriptions of all of your webpages in a format Google Likes. This is the description you see under the name of the site on a Google search results page
  • Page Title & Header Tag Optimization; all of your pages will have titles optimized for the keywords we selected; these are not always the same as what you see on the page
  • Keyword Density; this is the number of times your keyword shows up on the page in relationship to the total number of words are on the pages
  • All images used on the website will be tagged for our keywords
  • Headings will match keywords; Google gives your site content more authority if your keyword or phrase is used in the headings
  • SEO Relevance Package is ($99 For The First 5 Pages) and ($25 for each additional page) Rewrite Content for Keyword Density ($25 Per Page)


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